About us

DrukPak Ltd Company

Operating since 1972 DrukPak Ltd Company (formerly: Kujawskie Zakałdy Poligraficzne Druk-Pak S.A.) presently is one of the biggest printing companies in Poland producing:

  • cardboard packaging (folded boxes)
  • information leaflets for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other sectors’ products
  • self - adhesive labels

The offer is addressed mostly to a pharmaceutical sector.


DrukPak today

  1. Customer orientation,
  2. Professional execution of customer needs,
  3. Observation of highest standards of quality of both processing and final products,
  4. Full manufacturing competence,
  5. Ensuring the safety of processes and technological possibilities of packaging protection from counterfeiting,
  6. Self-sufficiency in pre-press processes (including CTP studio, own die-cutters production and own production of tools for Braille embossing)

    these all above allowed the Company to achieve the position of a renowned supplier to the European Market – almost 50% of products are manufactured for foreign customers, mostly to global holdings (data 2014).

The requirements of a pharmaceutical market regarding assuring of the safety of pre - production, production andprocesses as well as final products are observed – electronic control of files and sheets, inspection systems mounted on machines, off - line inspectionand various other methods of securing of products against counterfeiting.

Taking into consideration the needs of our customers the Company optimizes manufacturing processes, among others, by means of self - sufficiency with regards to pre – production and technological packaging, ex. internal production of die - cutters, a unique technology of patrix manufacturing for Braille embossing.

Created internally modular IT system allows for comprehensive, current monitoring of pre – production and production processes of single orders and archiving of respective detailed data. The system is validated and compliant with GMP requirements.

In the company there are 5 full manufacturing lines for unit carton boxes, 2 leaflet manufacturing lines and 2 self – adhesive label manufacturing lines. Detailed descriptions of available competences are available in product bookmarks.

Since mid 2014 DrukPak has been added to the portfolio of the Highlander Partners, a private equity fund, and together with Akomex Sp. z o.o. has created a compatible business organization with the production potential of 1.3 billion unit carton boxes per year.

In case of emergency incidents the Business Continuity Plan has been elaborated which describes the possibilities of continued production in the conditions of limited functionality of the manufacturing plant.


87-700 Aleksandrow Kujawski
Stanislawa Wyspianskiego Str. No 1.

Phone no: +48/ 54/ 282 82 00