Unit packaging are produced in the technology of multicolor offset print with the possibility of further enhancing of the surface by means of:

    • varnishing (disperesed varnish, UV, hybrid and others)
    • embossing of selected graphic elements
    • hot-stamping
    • Braille embossing
    • foil windows pasting

Multiple point gluing of packaging is feasible too (up to 6 points), including sophisticated constructions ex. with internal "pocket".

The system of comparative electronic inspection of reference and production files EyeC Proof is applied, which assures release for production of goods fully compliant with customer expectations.

Gluing machines are equipped with code readers assuring automatic control of products. There is also 100% inspection system for checking of the quality of unit carton boxes which allows for additional, off – line processing (a dedicated inspection machine with a 4D detection camera).

We can propose to our customers the following technological possibilities of packaging securing:

    • hologram application
    • microprint
    • varnish methods (twin effect, special varnish, coin reactive)
    • offset methods (latent print)
    • specific, individual constructions


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