We have implemented and applied in DrukPak 3 quality assurance standards for processes and finished goods:

                                                                          ISO 9001, ISO 15378 and ISO 14001        (see the certificates)

ISO 15378 standard, which contains elements of GMP, the Company implemented as first in Poland printing company.

Elaborated and constantly improved set of procedures and instructions describe the required and correct carrying of processes and regulate the management of all pre-production, production, organizational and managerial activities.

Once a year DrukPak is subject to standard re-certification audits carried by independent specialized companies.

Quality assurance consists in undertaking of activities specified in procedures and instructions such, as for example, picking and assessment of samples, in process and post process inspections, maintaining and storage of quality control documentation, archiving, carrying of measures and their comparison to reference patterns and application of appropriate equipment such as: detectors, code readers, cameras mounted on machines etc.

Trainings for personnel and corrective measures are an indispensable part of the quality management system.

In case of emergency incidents the Business Continuity Plan has been elaborated which describes the possibilities of continued production in the conditions of limited functionality of the manufacturing plant.


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